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“OLON products” company

“OLON products” is a company of many brands which operates in the field of gifts and souvenirs.
We have fresh ideas regarding the design and way we promote our culture through our products.
We designed the following brands “Egomion memorable options”, “o.Devetzis modern gifts
with greek designs” and “Atofio means pure” in order to achieve that.

The “Egomion memorable options” product line

“Egomion memorable options” series transits the Greek motif of souvenirs through original ideas applied to useful objects.
Isolating and utilizing special parts and pieces of murals and statues we create handmade type of souvenirs, highlighting our cultural legacy with a minimal and modern way.
Our products represent different periods and areas of the ancient Greek era.

The “Atofio means pure” product line

The «ATOFIO» hand-made soap product line has been produced and designed exclusively for
anyone looking for high quality products. Their main ingredient is virgin olive oil.
Their hand-made production process is being made by the cold saponification method.

These soaps have been produced with certified oils such as virgin olive oil, coconut oil,
palm oil and their saponification is made with natural methods, at ambient temperature,
as their physical maturation lasts for two months.

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